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One way to get analytics help is through onsite Help. To find help in a specific area, you can type in "help with ... " or "answers to ..." and then fill it out with anything from how-to questions about job search to advice concerning cultural differences. You'll find a lot of good articles already available that will either guide your work yourself or answer your questions about night-time trips away from home

How much does data analytics costs?

Data analytics costs vary, but here are a few examples. - For market research companies focused on needs and behavior, the figures involved range from $50 to $150 per hour. - The cost of data analysis varies depending on the size and type of job. A large organization with 10 servers may spend at least $5,000 by hiring a data analysis firm to provide information that would take three analysts five weeks or more organically. - The largest organizations in most industries have budgets in excess of 1 million dollars for supplemental analytics projects annually and millions more required to build out internal analytic agencies.

What kind of data is needed for analysis?

There are several different types of data that can be used for analysis. Analysis of survey data starts with selecting the right variables and setting up hypotheses. Given your goal you may want to ask questions like: What is the purpose behind my research? Which question in my questionnaire am I most interested in answering? Which respondents provide me with reliable information? Depending on your goal, one might decide to focus deeply on a single idea or rely heavily upon a large sample size. Choosing the right set of variables will yield accurate and predictable results as long as there is enough information from which to extract it

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